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Multi Reactors

The MR7(nt) is a compact, easy to use 7-sample reactor vessel. Designed for the control of ancillary equipment, a 3kW rated Thermal Controller which plugs directly into the internal thermocouple probe on MR7(nt) is also available from Intek details of which can found on the Intek web site.

  • The Reactor has a capacity of up to 7 samples, contained within 150 x 24mm test tubes.

  • Internal real time monitoring of sample temperature via K type thermocouple probe.

  • Direct read of sample vacuum/pressure via top mounted dial gauge.

  • Reactor can be used in conjunction with a suitable magnetic stirrer.

  • The Reactor can work either under vacuum or pressure.

  • The top manifold (end cap) is fitted with a Swagelok check/pressure relief valve.

  • Easy set-up using two types of quick connect fittings to avoid crossover of reactor gases and coolant.

Product Technical Specification:


Main Body: Water Jacket, Central Core and top manifold (end cap), machined from 6082 T6 aluminium.
Finish anodised, bright natural.

Reactor Tubes: Machined from 316-grade stainless steel seamless tube.

Manifold Injector Nozzles: Material, Peek.

Injector Nozzle Seal Rings: Material, Viton.

Water Jacket Sealing Ring: Material, Nitrile.

Pressure/Vacuum Rating: 100psi -30 In.Hg

Dimensions: Height (main body) 192mm, diameter 130mm.

Safety Features:

The Reactor is fitted with a 100-psi check/pressure relief valve, factory set by Swagelok.

To avoid mistaken connection of the water jacket medium and the reactor gases, two types of noncompatible quick connector are fitted as standard.

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