Fraction Collector / Liquid Handler

The Intek Fraction Collector is a two-axis instrument designed to automate the collection of liquid fractions.  The versatility of the Fraction Collector means that apart from the standard range, other sizes can on request be manufactured to suit customer’s exact requirements, i.e. the height, length, and width are all independently variable. 

To take advantage of this flexibility and to optimise the range of the collector, racks can be custom designed to accept a mix of receptacles such as microtitre/multiwell plates, racks of test tubes, flasks, petri dishes and vials etc. Racks can either be fixed or of the lift-off type. The lift-off type allows for a rack to be preloaded, so that it can be changed following a previous run with minimum down time.

Collection times and the number of fractions are adjustable via switches on the front panel. Runs may be started manually or automatically from another instrument. There is an option to mount on top of the instrument, a changeover valve, which can enable flow to be diverted to waste between collections.

Further automation is available for microtitre/multiwell plates with the addition of an automatic Tray Handler (ATH), which can automatically load process and stack up to 10 trays.  Each tray carries up to 6 microtitre/multiwell plates, giving a maximum of  60 plates on a full run.

Technical Specification:

Power Supply: 90-264v ac, 50/60 Hz
Fuse: 1 x T3.15A
Collection Time: 0 - 999 seconds
(delay time increased on special order)
Fractions: 1 - 999 per tray x 10 (number of fractions increased on special order)
Dimensions: On Request

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